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10/5/2013 - PV Invite
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NameMile 1SplitMile 2SplitAverage MileFinishNote
Spencer Lubs    3:4311:10Race length 2mi, avg=5:35
Ryan Starr    3:4811:23Race length 2mi, avg=5:41
Riley Dawson    3:4811:24Race length 2mi, avg=5:42
Mo Farah    3:5011:30Race length 2mi, avg=5:45
Carson Bix    3:5011:30Race length 2mi, avg=5:45
Jason Rodriguez    3:5211:37Race length 2mi, avg=5:48
Eddie Fung    3:5411:41Race length 2mi, avg=5:50
Tyler Young    3:5411:42Race length 2mi, avg=5:51
Thomas Kawase    3:5611:47Race length 2mi, avg=5:53
Jorge Rodriguez    3:5711:51Race length 2mi, avg=5:55
Christian Ampo    3:5811:54Race length 2mi, avg=5:57
Tyler Strong    3:5911:56Race length 2mi, avg=5:58
Kregg Maruyama    4:0011:59Race length 2mi, avg=5:59
Anthony Tyler    4:0312:08Race length 2mi, avg=6:04
Daisuke Sasada    4:0412:12Race length 2mi, avg=6:06
Aaron Nieraeth    4:0812:25Race length 2mi, avg=6:12
Andres Murillo    4:0912:28Race length 2mi, avg=6:14
Craig Sugiyama    4:1912:58Race length 2mi, avg=6:29
Alex Faust    4:2313:09Race length 2mi, avg=6:34
Leonardo Romo    4:2413:12Race length 2mi, avg=6:36
Bryan Lomeli    4:2613:17Race length 2mi, avg=6:38
Dylan LaRock    4:3513:44Race length 2mi, avg=6:52
Gavin Overturf    4:3813:54Race length 2mi, avg=6:57
Ryan Ausland    4:4214:06Race length 2mi, avg=7:03
Jack Parker    4:5114:34Race length 2mi, avg=7:17
Troy Madera    4:5414:41Race length 2mi, avg=7:20
Cameron Snelson    4:5914:57Race length 2mi, avg=7:28
Timmy Nothern    5:0015:00Race length 2mi, avg=7:30
Sean Sung    5:1215:37Race length 2mi, avg=7:48
Daniel Jimenez    5:2916:27Race length 2mi, avg=8:13
Brian Ralph    6:2419:13Race length 2mi, avg=9:36


NameMile 1SplitMile 2SplitAverage MileFinishNote
Rachel Oelsner6:386:5813:36 4:3213:36Race length 2mi, avg=6:48
Jordyn Park6:477:1414:01 4:4014:01Race length 2mi, avg=7:00
Allison Chang7:047:2614:30 4:5014:30Race length 2mi, avg=7:15
Devoney Amberg7:047:3714:41 4:5414:41Race length 2mi, avg=7:20
Kori Mustard7:207:3214:52 4:5714:52Race length 2mi, avg=7:26
Kalena Foy7:167:4815:04 5:0115:04Race length 2mi, avg=7:32
Jessica Adachi7:337:3915:12 5:0415:12Race length 2mi, avg=7:36
Michelle Moore7:347:4715:21 5:0715:21Race length 2mi, avg=7:40
Brieanna Tucker7:248:1015:34 5:1115:34Race length 2mi, avg=7:47
Jessica Zhou7:378:0615:43 5:1415:43Race length 2mi, avg=7:51
Cynthia Jangaard7:378:0715:44 5:1515:44Race length 2mi, avg=7:52
Grace Carley7:468:0015:46 5:1515:46Race length 2mi, avg=7:53
Lauren Nuchols8:218:1516:36 5:3216:36Race length 2mi, avg=8:18
Morgan Holubets8:338:1816:51 5:3716:51Race length 2mi, avg=8:25
Molly Molera8:348:5117:25 5:4817:25Race length 2mi, avg=8:42
Rachel Andrade7:449:5717:41 5:5417:41Race length 2mi, avg=8:50




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